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Yaira LynnBook Boyfriend Box by Bookish Stuff is the brain child of Yaira Lynn! But who is Yaira Lynn? She’s the kid that was always doodling in class instead of paying attention. But that passion for everything creative got her thru a Bachelor of Art Degree in Graphic Arts and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Arts and Animation.

For the last 6 years she has been pursuing a career as a multimedia designer (graphics, web & video) with a flare for digital marketing. But as the years pass her by... She realized that corporate America was starting to kill her creativity little by little. So around April 2017 she decided to embark on a creative venture that would combined her love for reading with those creative skills. That's how was born. Around September 2017 she came up with the idea behind as she saw there was a niche that was completely untapped.

With Book Boyfriend Box her goal is to bring you bookish boxes with items that are exclusively about your favorite book boyfriends and girlfriends. She’s proud of working closely with a selected group of small businesses and independent artist to curate unique boxes.

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